PUBG Mobile OBB File – Free Download

PUBG Mobile OBB File – Free Download

PUBG Golden Body is an interesting new version of the popular PUBG Classic game.

With each update of the game, its popularity is increasing, and PUBG has developed many games on this game.

The game has appeared on YouTube and other video hosting sites and many game magazines.

He has won numerous awards from CNET and Game Selection, including Game of the Year. It is widely accepted by players all over the world.

A few years ago, I played PUBG, but we were stuck. A few weeks later, I received a request for more free content, such as “announcement” videos.

One of the most popular videos is “Golden Body”, which describes how high scores are possible. After we solved the high odds, I panicked.

The graphics are very good. The colors are bright and shiny, with many special effects. My first thought is that the character model is very vivid. The costumes of each character are great, and the results look real.

PUBG Mobile OBB File – Free Download

Destroying enemies and props, especially in unrealistic situations, is to truly measure every shot.

When you first started the game, you were in a world ravaged by war. Your goal is to achieve your goal and kill the enemy soldiers you see.

They use AI soldiers to run and shoot at your target to help you complete your journey.

If you do, you can even perform suicide missions In some of these missions, you must fight wave after wave of soldiers, while in other missions, you must defend the area against a certain number of enemies.

Although it didn’t take long for me to establish my PUBG Golden Body account, I started to play the game as a “practice user”. As I said above, the more you play, the harder the game becomes.

After playing the learning level for an hour, I started to notice that I was ready for the actual game. Although this is easy to accept, the real challenge comes from various challenges and activities.

There are 10 levels in this game, and each level is more difficult than the previous one.

PUBG Mobile OBB File – Free Download

If you are injured, you must charge your weapon before you can return to work. Thanks, the charge counter looks great, so you won’t miss the shot in an accident. Although the golden gun is the most powerful weapon in the game, you still have to be cautious

Other weapons include bull hooks and EZ chargers. These can be used with or against the golden song, and they can all fight the enemy well.

The third weapon, pulse rifle, can kill a soldier instantly, but once you chase a golden weapon.

The total score of the game is 66%. The quality of this video game is not bad, but by the standards of a serious Sam game, it’s not bad.

This game is one of the things that makes you stop and think about yourself, “Why should I play this game?” As long as you like what you do, it’s not difficult. Even if you do not exceed the level, there are enough levels to interest you.

If you like the idea of ​​this multiplayer game, you will be lucky. There are many versions of the bar where you can play games. However, you must use a special password to enable them.

These codes can be found on many sports websites. The versions that work between servers look different.

As for the story of the game, you play as Sam “Pang” Stone, who is an ordinary student living at home. One day, he received a mysterious box from his father Inside is an experimental weapon called a golden gun.

PUBG Mobile OBB File – Free Download

The only problem is that Sam has the ability to unlock it. After unlocking, Sam loses consciousness, and when he wakes up, he must find someone to save the world.

When you shoot the first weapon, the enemy will shoot. However, if you hold down the fire button, the traffic will expand to a larger scale.

You will also notice that if you are close to the enemy now, they will not be able to hit you. After all the ammunition is used up, the game is over and you will enter the next stage.

The game has many levels, but for the last level, you must save the game before continuing.



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